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Menu Design
How do you create a restaurant menu? Each menu we create is unique to the restaurant we are working with. This is essential to your brand. We do not use templates. The last thing you want is to look like another restaurant. We want to make your menu unique while staying true to your brand and style of your restaurant. When you allow a distributor to create your menu many time you are dealing with one graphic artist that may not know about menu engineering, they are working with templates they are entering your items randomly, these distributors have their own agenda and that is to sell you their products. Did you ever let them do a simple wine or beer list? It has all the distributor products at the top and they cringe when you ask them to put a competitors brand on the menu.

Who would you prefer do your menu; people who care about what you sell or distributors who care about what you buy?

Our creative services and menu engineering department will create a new look or take your existing look and fine tune it. This is achieved by positioning, highlighting, anchoring and sometimes numbering. We will help you with your stars, puzzles, cash cows and dogs. All you have to do is make the decision to hire us and we quickly get started.

One more thing; you know that distributor that wants to create your menu? If they really value your business in most states they can pay us to create it. Ask

Restaurant Menu Design
Restaurant Menu Design
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