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What does The Menu Designer do?
Whatever you need...Seriously! Your m

What are Menu Allowances?
These are cash incentives from your vendors. They are rewards to restaurant owners for incorporating certain products in your recipes and displaying the products logo on your menu. Learn how you can cash in. Let's talk about your new menu design today.



enu is the heart of your restaurant so that's where we begin, but we also create tabletop materials, children's menus, flyers, promotions and websites.

How often should I update my restaurant menu?
Proper adjustments should be made every 6-12 months. Remember to stay flexible. Keep up with rising (or falling) trends and competition in dining. Adjust for seasonality. Generate new excitement within your concept. Do your homework and determine which items are most popular, which are most profitable, which need extra emphasis, and which need removed or replaced.

What are some tips I can use to design my restaurant menu?
Place your best selling items or those you want to have the biggest draw on the Prime Sweet Spots of the menu.

How do I get started?
It’s as easy as a phone call 480-283-8706.  We’ll take a few minutes to find out about you – determine your needs and how we can meet them.  You can contact us online and we’ll call you back to arrange a time to chat. Next we will determined a plan of action. Helpful things would be determining your menu items, descriptions and pricing.

How long does it take to design a menu?
They take as long as you need. If you have all your menu items ready and priced the menu takes only days to create. Type out a simple list in a word document (not excel), list the ingredients in the dish and price it accordingly. We can turn around your menu ideas in as little as 1 week.

What goals do you set for a menu design?
The first goal is to provide you with the very best menu you can afford. Keeping your "brand" true to your customers. We will provide an overall look that will blend with the look and feel of your restaurant, cafe or bar.

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